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GAS IT Iberia

Algarve Motorhome Services are extremely pleased to offer the amazing GAS IT range of refillable LPG systems.

GAS IT have been in the Refillable Gas Market for over 30 years and is the UK and Europe's Best Selling Premier Brand of of Self Refillable LPG Gas Systems and are the UK's only factory direct supplier of both Self Refillable LPG Gas Tanks and Self Refillable LPG Gas Bottles for many industries and market sectors.

As well as selling the full GAS IT range of products, Algarve Motorhome Services offer a full design and installation service to ensure a safe and legal bespoke Refillable Gas Systems for your Motorhome, Campervan or Caravan.

'If we don't sell it you don't want it'

Its a bold statement by GAS IT but one they don't say or take lightly. It's a time proven fact that at GAS IT if it's not safe, approved or not legal then they just don't sell it.That is why a number of major manufacturers fit GAS IT refillable products as Original Equipment (O.E) on their own new vehicle production lines & customers vehicles.

NOTE: In line with EU LPG Bottle regulations, each GAS IT Bottle is stamped at the base with all the required UK & EU Approval details, including date of manufacture and unique serial number, at time of manufacture on the production line.


6 & 11 Kg GAS IT Plus Refillable Bottles

Also available as Portable Direct Fill EASYFILL GAS IT Bottles

6 & 13 Kg Refillable Bottles

Also available as Portable Direct Fill EASYFILL GAS IT Bottles


Vertical Fillpoint


Horizontal Fillpoint

6Kg & 11Kg Refillable Bottle kits

With External Fill Point

EASYFIT Refillable Gas Tanks

Various sizes

EASYFIT Spare Wheel Shaped Vapour Tanks

Top of the range GAS IT Plus Refillable gas bottles built to the same exacting standards as the GAS IT R67 compliant tanks, but certified as gas bottles under EN1442 so can be used as a direct replacement of you standard exchange bottle.

The GAS IT Plus bottles are fitted with 4 separate high specification valves, which give better service results than any multi valve type gas bottle in Europe.

The separate valves as fitted to the GAS IT Plus bottles have many safety features not seen in other brands sold in Europe, which makes the GAS IT Plus bottles unique in many ways, so if you want the best safety built in to any refillable gas bottle, as well as fantastic product functionality and reliability, then this is the GAS IT refillable bottle for you.

1) The Gas outlet, available as either an Electric Remote Outlet or Manual Tap Outlet option, has a large flow capacity and is fitted with a full excess flow valve meaning the tank will shut off automatically if the pigtail bursts or the bottle is remove as fitted on all GAS IT Plus bottles since 1991.  Under EN1949:2011 regulation, this GAS IT Plus bottles does not need a expensive secumotion type regulator to use your appliances whilst driving (if the appliances are approved for this)

2) Inside the Plus bottle is the largest and best Liquid Phase Separator© on the Market, which stops any liquid from leaving the bottle.

3) Full size, large flow Pressure Relief Valve set at 27bar.  Largest PRV on the market.

4) 80% shut off valve prevents overfilling of the bottle.

5) Solid metal geared Level float system comes with a factory fitted simple level gauge ( clock face type on the bottle it's self ) which can be updated to allow both on bottle and remote gas level indication anywhere on the vehicle with a separately available GAS IT LED gauge and sender or you can buy a GAS IT Bluetooth sensor for reporting direct to to your smart phone.

GAS IT Gen2 bottles builds on the proven safety record of our GAS IT bottle range. :-

  1. 13kg bottle - same equivalent size as the Calor / Flogas red 13kg propane exchange gas bottles so a Gen2 will fit in the same Caravans and Motorhomes gas lockers which are currently fitted with a 13kg Red Propane bottles.
  2. Fully removable carrying and valve protection shroud.
  3. Approved to the UK & European ' top notch ' gas bottle regulation EN1442 ( TPED & Pi ) - meaning easy fitment to vehicles, and totally legal, using existing gas bottle webbing straps in the gas locker ( No metal straps or costly / heavy R67 mounting system needed ) plus they are fully approved for used in a fully portable / transportable manor ( for filling and use ) 

GAS IT Self Refillable gas bottles are easy to use, save you money and are convenient to use and fill up.

GAS IT bottles are designed to be refilled with Autogas at any Autogas/LPG station in the UK or Europe which is normally sold several times cheaper than renting and exchanging your normal brand of exchange gas bottle plus you have the luxury of being able to fill up when you want and where you want so you'll never run out of gas again.

The 2 connections, inlet and outlet, on the GAS IT bottles are the standard refillable elbow with LPG connection fitting identical to other GAS IT bottles and GAS IT tanks, plus Gaslow, Alugas and many more meaning partnering them with your existing refillable bottle is possible.

  1. The Gas Inlet has an 80% shut off valve which prevents overfilling of the bottle. It also has a large flow Pressure Relief Valve set at 27bar.
  2. The Gas outlet has a large flow capacity and is fitted with a full excess flow valve meaning the tank will shut off automatically if the pigtail bursts or the bottle is remove as fitted on all GAS IT bottles since 1991.

In addition it incorporates a gas level indicator that gets its level from a small
float within the gas bottle. The gas level on an external clip on level gauge by a small magnet on the end of a vertical rod.

Do you want to keep existing exchange botle as a spare? No problem. It's easy to have any mixture of GAS IT self refillable bottles and exchange type gas bottles.

Portable Direct Fill EASYFILL© GAS IT & GAS IT Plus bottles are purposely designed, and approved, to TPED and Pi requirements to be removed from your vehicle for portable and freestanding refilling directly at an Autogas station and Forecourt in the UK and Europe, via the gas bottle pre-installed German manufactured Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) and direct mounted fill point. Meaning when you release the Autogas fill gun it shuts off instantly, so all your cheaply bought gas is left inside your GAS IT bottle.


  • come pre-fitted with either a vertical or horizontal UK bayonet fillpoint for filling at an Autogas filling station or LPG forecourt. Simply take to the refilling station and fill directly via the bottles fitted fillpoint. No fill hose or remote fillpoint needed.
  • Comes with 2 sperate valves: Fill OPD, and Manual Outlet tap. So, drive up and fill without the need to remove pigtail for filling.
  • come with caps for the fillpoint and tap, to stop dirt getting in whilst bottle is stored.
  • Are Certified and approved under TPED / Pi approval to be removed from the Vehicle for out of vehicle refilling.
  • allow multiuse: use the same gas bottle from your caravan or motorhome and remove with ease to use with your home BBQ, garage heater or fire pit.
  • come pre-installed with a German manufactured Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) 80% shut off valvre built in.

EASYFILL© GAS IT Plus bottles have the same unique safety features as standard GAS IT Plus refillable bottles so if you want the best safety built in to any refillable gas bottle, as well as fantastic product functionality and reliability, then this is the Portable Direct Fill refillable bottle for you.


You can always retrofit a Sky or Horizon on bottle fillpoint to your current GAS IT bottle with ease to make it certified for removal and filling.

GAS IT 6Kg and 13Kg single and twin refillable kits are available both as standard items and also made up with variations to suit you and/or your vehicle as there can be different requirements on both input and output sides.

Send us pictures of you current installation and we will advise you on what you need to connect up easily, legally and safely.

All GAS IT EASYFIT gas tanks come with a unique, quick and easy to install mounting feet with either an Electric Remote Outlet or Manual Tap Outlet option.

The EASYFIT feet allows the fixing of the GAS IT tank to the vehicle to be carried out by one person with ease, yet with no loss of safety and quality.

When mounting the GAS IT EASYFIT gas tanks the feet make sure the gas tank is installed in the right orientation and at the right angle, plus they fully comply with M1/N1 legal mounting requirements.

They come fully fitted with the gas valves and aluminium airbox before shipment.

All GAS IT vapour tanks and all mounting systems comply with or exceed all current UK, EU regulations and NCC C.o.P 306 needs and come with all relavent certificates.

GAS IT are constantly striving to design and introduce innovative products that are safe, functional and fit customer requirements.

The unique GAS IT EASYFIT Spare Wheel Shaped 4 hole gas tanks are designed and built to the same safety and regulation specification as their EASYFIT Refillable Gas Tanks and come with an Electric Remote Outlet or Manual Tap Outlet option.

Bluetooth Enabled Gas Level Indicator

GAS IT Bottles now come with a GAS IT Bluetooth enabled Gas Level system as an option, plus the sensor(s) can be purchased to work with your existing gas bottle installation, regardless of manufacturer.

Unlike other mechanical gas level systems that rely on a float to measure some of the gas level in the bottle (All floats systems are unable to measure from the very top to the very bottom of the gas in the bottle), the GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensor will actually read from the very top of the gas liquid to the very bottom of the bottle/ tank and send these accurate readings of the contents completely wireless by Bluetooth for clear display on either a separately purchased GAS IT Bluetooth monitor unit (with single or twin bottles/tanks displays) or directly to your Smart device (Iphone, Android, Ipad, tablet etc) via a dedicated free App.

The readings on your smart device, via the free app, will display down to 0% gas level in 1% increments and is updated every 1.5 seconds. There is even a automatic warning level that you can set that will let you know when the gas bottle reaches the level so you never miss a low gas level in your bottle.

You can connect as many GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensors to your smart device via the app as you want and can individually name each one so you have a very clear indication of the level of gas in the bottles and also when your getting low.

GAS IT range of Level Indicators giving you the option of local and remote indication of the contents of your GAS IT Bottle or Tank as well as the ability to remotely switch the Electronically Operated Remote Outlets on GAS IT Plus Bottles and GAS IT Tanks.

The GAS IT range of External Fill Points and Fill Point Hoses allow totally flexibility of design and location offering both body and bracket mounted solutions.

The Fill Hoses come in 2 types:-

  • GAS IT SAE 'Hydraulic Style' LPG fill hoses that come in fabricated lengths from 0.5 mtrs up to 3 mtrs. Longer lengths are achieved by joining hoses together.

    These are the older traditional type Autogas / LPG fill hoses. Their downside, compared to our fully proven and R67 certified Light Weight fill hoses, are they are not very flexible, they are large in diameter and obviously they are made of rubber.

  • GAS IT branded, Thermoplatic LPG fill hoses that come in kit format and can make fill hoses up to 50 mtrs in length. 

    GAS IT thermoplastic LPG hoses are easy to assemble in a few minutes with simple hand tools, they are smaller, more flexible, easier to use in tight spaces and being user assembled means you can make the exact length you need.

    It also works out significantly cheaper than buying a hose that's pre made.

The GAS IT Micro 30mb Motorhome and Caravan Regulators have a small, compact footprint and come with an integrated Leak Test Point.

Available with an 8mm or 10mm outlet the regulators comes with either a straight or angled W20 inlet making it ideal for fitting in a restricted space

When fitting 2 GAS IT Bottles to a bulkhead mounted regulator GAS IT have a number of Changeover options, including the UNIQUE 3mb Regulator with built in Auto Changeover Valve, to give you total control over your GAS IT Bottle installation.

These Changeover Valves give you total flexibility and will work with any combination refillable and exchange gas bottle.

The Regulators and Auto Changeover valves are made in Italy and come with a full 5 year warranty.

GAS IT has been selling market leading Vapour Filters for LPG vapour applications for well over 25 years and the latest Vapour Filter development features a new higher capacity filter body which offers even high filtration via the UNIQUE glass fiber filter element.  It also offers significantly high flow rates for large gas bottle or tank installations and gas usage.

The GAS IT Vapour Filters come in both Regulator and Bottle mounted versions.

We recommend you check your filter for oily contamination every 12 months and replace internal element as needed.

GAS IT'S GAS IT Bottle to Regulator High Pressure Hoses come in  lengths from 0.5 mtrs to 1.5 mtrs and are UNIQUE in having Non Return Valves and Excess Flow Valves, which shut off should the Hose rupture, fitted as standard.

High Pressure Hoses and adaptors are available to suit a wide range of refillable and exchange gas bottles.

All the Fill Point Adaptors you will need to fill your GAS IT Bottles or Tank whilst traveling around Europe including the UNIQUE Direct Gas In Filter.

GAS IT Direct Fit on Bottle Fill Point, with internal thread, converts a standard GAS IT Bottle to a Portable Direct Fill EASYFILL© GAS IT bottle.

These GAS IT brass fill point adaptors are specifically made for GAS IT to high OEM engineering specifications and exact build tolerances.


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